About Us

Welcome to msydd Official Online Store. Vacatime is an experienced ONE STOP eCommerce Solution company. We provide fulfillment services such as packaging, delivery, customer service, storage, etc..

We have been in the eCommerce industry for more than 8 years and have seen the blooming of eCommerce for the past few years and will continue to see it grow in the future. We are very passionate in helping many dropshippers to success in their eCommerce businesses!

msydd is a dynamic company engaged in the development, manufacture and supply of Electronics & Tools and innovation Products for everyone. Besides a comprehensive range of interesting goods, Vacatime also carries a wide range of useful and economic stuff.

Our Mission: We believe that our clients have a very demanding job and our mission and focus is to make their lives easier. We build innovative technology and deliver best-in-class customer service each and everyday.

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